The Jesse Hotel & Bar

Photo by BBA
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It takes the right team to bring a 110 year old building up to modern standards without taking away from its character. Adaptive reuse can be the perfect way to breathe new life into an old building, while conserving resources and preserving history. It is always simpler to build from the ground up but when done right adaptive reuse is truly a work of art.

Although often deteriorated in some way, the character and the detailing found in these buildings are typically unique to the periods they were constructed, that modern building design lacks. These features are often highlighted in the new use, and preserved versus getting hauled off to landfills. The details are what will offer that one-of-a-kind site for the new tenant.

Seasoned building materials, sustainability and architectural history were keys factors along with location for the decision to move forward with the Jesse as an adaptive reuse project. What was most recently a bar and private residence is now a hotel now offering six guest rooms for overnight stay as well as a ground floor bar & lounge, extensive outdoor patio space, and a fast casual restaurant, Estella.

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